Hellooo People 👋

Hope you all are all doing good!

Have you considered contributing to an open source project but are too confused (or overwhelmed) by the procedure to even attempt it? I’ve been there as well !

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the complete process of making your first contribution.

So lets get started !

Firstly why contributing to open source!

- It gives you practice with Git and GitHub, which is really necessary

- Assists you in learning and exploring more about various projects.

- It also builds your resume

- And it is fun 😁

Getting started

1. Firstly you need a GitHub account, you all might have one already so login here or Create new account

2. Choose the Project you would like to contribute to. It could be any project of your interested domain, always try to look for good-first-issues as a beginner.

3. Contributing to open source does not always have to be code; it may also be documentation, such as readme files.


1. Fork your project of choice that you want to contribute

2. Clone your fork (use github desktop to makes things easier)

3. Makes changes in the repo

4. And create a pull request

Hurray 🥳 you made your first pull request!

Easy Peasy Right!

So anyway to make things easier i made a repository named javacodes and only purpose of this is to get started with your first contribution!

So FORK this REPO and follow the steps in the readme file and make your first contribution!

Check out the other blogs for more information on how to make your first contribution!

And adding some great repos to start your first contribution!

- [First Contribution](https://github.com/firstcontributions/first-contributions)
- [DevNodes](https://github.com/devncode/first-contributions)
- [FirstTimers](https://github.com/CuriousGrids/FirstTimers)
- [Hacktoberfest](https://github.com/AselSiriwardena/hacktoberfest-beginner)
- [Contribute](https://github.com/rocktimsaikia/Contribute-101)
- [Skynaps](https://github.com/Syknapse/Contribute-To-This-Project)



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